Fertility Coaching

Mind-Body Therapy

What is Fertility Coaching?

Fertility Coaching is a very powerful form of mind-body approach to your fertility. Fertility coaching uses various professional coaching techniques, visualisations and in my service offering is used alongside EFT Tapping. This is very effective in helping a person realign their goals and hopes and dreams, clear obstacles in that path and with tapping get to the core of an issue that may be as a result of a limiting belief system or various negative emotions based on past or current experiences. The result is less stress, less anxiety which is positive for immune function, clarity on a way forward, enhanced fertility, feeling lighter and more confident and emotionally resilient to be able to move forward on the fertility journey to parenthood.  

Fertility Coaching is a very supportive form of therapy to really support you to enhance your natural fertility, prepare for assisted cycles, release negative emotions and enables positive change in what is an extremely challenging life event of infertility.

Using EFT Tapping alongside Fertility Coaching is more than coaching, using the tools at hand, it is extremely effective in enabling you to make real changes in letting go of limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns or negative emotions that could be holding you back. Nurturing your mind/body could be the difference for you in enhancing your health and life overall and achieving a positive result. Once you are familiar with tapping you can use it yourself for your own self care.



What are the benefits of Fertility Coaching?

  • Let go of negative emotions that could be impacting your chances of success

  • Enhance your fertility by significantly reducing stress and anxiety

  • Set and achieve goals to enable a more balanced approach to life while going through this challenging time (as infertility can quickly become life consuming)

  • Become comfortable saying ‘no’ when needed and putting yourself first

  • Let go of limiting belief systems

  • Let go of any past traumatic memories or experiences

  • Find a sense of peace and wellbeing and maximize your chances of getting pregnant

  • Become more confident by creating visualisations on your desired outcomes

  • Feel fully supported and guided to make any decisions you may need to make as a result of the situation you find yourself in – take charge of your life and your fertility

  • Start to thrive through your fertility journey