From working with Jill, I am just amazed at how free and sure of myself I am today. I feel like a totally different person or maybe more like the person I was always meant to be. Jill's astonishing intuition had helped me connect with emotions and blocks in my past and clear them from my life for good. She has been compassionate, caring and always professional. Jill has a wonderful gift to share with the world and I feel privileged to experience this first hand.

Niall M - Sydney April 2015

I can thoroughly recommend tapping4fertility with Jill. I went to see her for two sessions. The first we dealt with some heavy emotional trauma around my first child and my fertility challenges leading to pregnancy. I felt elated after the session for two days. During the second session we worked on my fear of surgery, hospitals and my previous diagnosis of Endometriosis. Jill is so intuitive, she helped me make connections to my fears and anxieties from my past and we tapped them away. My first period after the second session I had no pain which is unheard of for me. I was so delighted with the sessions and felt a great relief from previous trauma around fertility, pregnancy, birth and dealing with an infant. I could not recommend these sessions with Jill more highly. 

Rebecca, South Sydney May 2019