Tailored Fertility Mind Body Programmes for Natural or Assisted Conception 

Having gone through my own infertility journey I understand how challenging this journey is and where you may be with it all both physically , mentally and emotionally. Drawing from my own personal experience and as an advanced EFT practitioner and coach using the tools of EFT tapping and fertility coaching I will work with you throughout the program to help you let go of negative emotions, find peace of mind, reduce stress & anxiety and also work through and clear any limiting beliefs you may have about your fertility, pregnancy, birth, or becoming a parent that you don't know exist in your subconscious mind. I will support you to let go of these psychological blocks to conception should they exist so you can be in a more resilient, hopeful and positive state of mind on your journey to parenthood. Reducing stress will enable your body and mind to flow helping your hormones and body overall.

The tailored programs I offer will support you in preparation before, during and/or after natural or assisted conception. The program will be tailored to work with you on your journey and what you need to work through to be in an optimal place emotionally, mentally & physically for conception. I will help you using the various tapping techniques to address the negative emotions, stress levels and overall challenge any fertility journey brings.  

Get started - get in contact to have a conversation to see if I can help you on your journey to pregnancy 

Individual Fertility Mind Body EFT Tapping Sessions


I also offer individual sessions whereby you may wish to address something specifically and only need one session. It could be anything from a fear of needles for your IVF cycle to clearing the difficult emotions of a failed IVF cycle in preparation for a new cycle or to clear any anxiety regarding natural conception if you have been trying to conceive for a while now. You may wish to try EFT tapping and see if it is a therapy that will help you on your fertility journey. Often people start with one session yet go on to have a few more over time as it really helps to reduce their stress and facilitate getting into a much healthier state emotionally.

Individual sessions are 1 hour long and at present are conducted via Skype or Zoom. As I guide you through the tapping sequence and you tap on your own bodies tapping points, Skype or Zoom sessions are just as effective and successful as face to face sessions. 


EFT Tapping Support Circles in Sydney 

I offer fertility tapping support circles in Sydney.

These tapping circles enable women to get support  on their fertility journey from the group tapping what we call 'borrowing benefits' in EFT tapping. This means attendees tapping on what may seem an unrelated issue still enables them to clear and resolve emotions or challenges too for themselves, hence the borrowing benefits term. Everyone can choose to keep their issues private, there is no need to disclose any personal information unless you wish to. These group tapping circles are very effective, the tapping itself is very simple to apply, safe and achieves  results. The tapping will be facilitated and guided by me, an advanced EFT practitioner on various general challenges women encounter on their fertility journey, for example stress, anxiety, grief, overwhelm and fear of the unknown. Its a great way to connect with other women experiencing similar challenges and a very affordable way to get support during your fertility journey.

Come and join me and you can experience how tapping can really support you emotionally and achieve a healthy resilient mindset on your journey to pregnancy or parenthood. Get in touch to find out when I'm holding the next circule. 


Please contact me to book in or for more information. 

Private Facebook Support Group


The purpose of this support group is to bring women together to support each other on their fertility journey which can be very challenging. I'm passionate to support women on the fertility journey that they have access to tools like EFT tapping and each other to help them feel both supported and understood during this challenging life event. 

This group is for you to support each other and I will offer EFT tapping tips, access to tapping meditation mp3's specific to fertility and the challenging emotions you may experience, words of wisdom and inspiration to support and help each of you to thrive on your journey to parenthood. Having the right tools and support to nurture your emotional wellbeing during this time can make the world of difference. The Facebook group is private so none of your Facebook friends will know you are a member, only the group members and I. The name of the private Facebook group is - fertility support - tapping4fertility. 

Free Relaxation Tapping Meditation Audio


I'm delighted to offer you a free tapping relaxation meditation that I hope will support you daily to reduce any stress you may be feeling and bring more relaxation and peace of mind on your journey to pregnancy or parenthood.

Please refer to the tapping diagram to learn the tapping points on the body and then you will find it easy to follow the tapping meditation - bringing more relaxation and peace to your day and overall fertility journey.

Request your free relaxation tapping meditation below. Reduce stress & anxiety & find that place of peace on your fertility journey.

I’m a trained Advanced EFT Practitioner passionate about empowering women during their challenging fertility journey. I’ve been there myself so I understand your pain.


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