• Jill Slevin

When is it a good time to get emotional support on your fertility journey?

I get asked this question a lot – if I knew back then what I know now my own fertility journey would have been that little bit easier. EFT tapping literally saved me emotionally.

The emotions on any fertility journey are just grueling. Nothing in life prepares you for it. No amount of sound nurturing, or solid upbringing prepares you for how it literally sends you into a state of full trauma cycle like that of a washing machine on spin. Each month you are thrown from anticipation and excitement and hope to the absolute pit of despair and sadness. Can you relate?

Its relentless and isolating and just damn hard.

That is the only part of my journey I found hard. The challenging emotions and the fears that went with it, the thinking, the mind spinning stories of what if. The thinking that was not my usual innate wellbeing and general optimism.

Knowing now what I do know and experienced for myself and now witness weekly with clients, there is another way. Getting emotional/psychological support is imperative to one’s sanity, wellbeing, ability to think more healthily and be more resilient and able to face the challenges any fertility brings and to thrive!

It is possible. It is possible to be ok. To nurture the wounds and the hurt and to move forward and flow with life. EFT Tapping in particular helps to completely bring the stress down a notch or ten. It helps to reduce the challenging emotions, overcome the limiting beliefs about your fertility and to bring peace to any trauma experiences you have unfortunately experienced to date.

Honestly, if you are on your journey, find your tribe. Find who is on your page, who truly understands and find a practitioner who can fully support you and help you to process the tricky tough emotions that go with this gig and get the help sooner rather than later, especially before undergoing treatment if you can.

All the research points to results that women who get emotional / psychological support they get better results, in particular if doing IVF.

I’m here for anyone who needs that professional support – If you would like to learn more about EFT tapping and how it helps with supporting peoples journey to pregnancy/motherhood, check out my website or you can listen to an interview I did with the lovely Sophia Baseotto from the IVF coaching clinic here .

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