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What does Overwhelm look like for you on your fertility journey?

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Woman thinking about her fertility journey

Feeling overwhelmed can feel very real on the fertility journey to pregnancy, particularly if that journey is presenting itself with unexpected obstacles. Thankfully tools like EFT tapping (and Fertility Coaching) can significantly help rewire your brains response to stress and overwhelm by helping the stress centre of your brain, the amygdala to calm down, calming the nervous system and help reduce the impact of negative emotions on your journey by reducing stress and that feeling of ‘ I have too much on my mind, I feel stressed out, this is all consuming, when are things ever going to get better ’. With the added technique of fertility coaching, the way forward can begin to feel more manageable with clear steps on how to manage your time, your life and the way in which you respond to all you are trying to juggle in life and emotionally with your fertility journey to parenthood.

Overwhelm can be the result of trying to manage fertility treatments or just doing all you can to improve your cycle naturally to enable conception. As each month passes and conception does not occur the pressure builds, and panic can set in. Everything seems too much. It felt like that for me at times on my own fertility journey. Managing your job, finances, relationships, friendships & family can feel like it’s too stressful. We feel we have to do everything we can to try to make things flow or work and so we read and research everything related to fertility, trying to do everything possible to improve our chances and it eventually becomes all consuming, exhausting and eventually isolating and distressing. We feel stuck, frustrated and even angry. We can become disconnected from ourselves and those around us. Stress has taken over. Life revolves around our focus on our fertility and the emotions that go with it paralysing us into more stress and overwhelm.

It’s a very common theme that comes up with women experiencing infertility. I have found with the work I do with clients that there is such relief when there is the realisation of how the situation is making them feel – it’s that feeling of overwhelm causing stress, the stress triggers various other behaviours or emotions and the stress cycle continues causing panic, distress and fear. When we work with EFT tapping and Fertility Coaching to address the feeling of overwhelm, where it stems from and where it intersects in their daily lives and fertility, there is the opportunity to release the constant trying, striving, straining, stressing and controlling. Stepping back from the panic and stress, there is the opportunity to change things, that you don’t have to figure everything out and manage everything in one go. EFT tapping is very effective in helping to release stress around all of this and enables you to move forward to a place of surrender, flow, openness, trust, hope, peace of mind, clarity and innate wellbeing. Stress significantly reduces and so does that feeling of overwhelm. You feel so much better as there is a feeling of ‘letting go’ and you start to feel back to your own self, you are ok now and you will be ok. There is the opportunity to thrive on your fertility journey when you nurture the stress levels and work on any negative emotions.

If you are experiencing overwhelm feel free to download the free relaxation tapping mediation on my website.

Give EFT tapping a try. It is an amazing tool that works!

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