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The Mind Body approach to Fertility

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

What if you could improve your fertility by nurturing your thoughts, your subconscious belief systems and your emotional well-being. Turns out you can with EFT Tapping and Fertility Coaching.

On my own fertility journey I did everything to ensure I ate the right organic foods, took all the necessary supplements, did weekly acupuncture, gave up caffeine, gave up alcohol, undertook regular exercise and did absolutely all I could to improve my physical health. I reckon I was the healthiest I have ever been in my lifetime during that time, yet I was super stressed, deeply sad and my thinking was not very hopeful at all or that positive. Because of this traumatic time, I had slipped away from my usual innate way of being, generally content, lover of life and mostly optimistic in life. The pain of the infertility journey really took its toll. It wasn't until I started to nurture my emotional wellbeing and change my cognitive health that things changed, I felt happier, more relaxed, resilient, determined and overall more hopeful and positive to keep my eye on my goal - a healthy baby. I genuinely started to enjoy life again and knew I'd be ok no matter the outcome. It didn't happen overnight but with time I felt so much happier and my thinking was so much healthier. Using EFT Tapping, I cleared out all that negative thinking, disappointments, healed the sadness and was able to think and feel much clearer than before. Tapping literally rewired my brains way of responding to the situation I found myself in, by clearing negative emotions and memories. I do believe this was a huge contributing factor in succeeding in this goal - a healthy and happy baby.

Eating amazing and looking after my physical health was kind of redundant as my emotional and cognitive health were hanging in the balance. Not in great shape!

Dr Alice Domar, Ph.D is the Executive Director of the Domar Centre for Mind/Body Health - and the Director of Mind/Body Services at Boston IVF. Dr Domar has conducted extensive research into the impact of psychological stress on women's fertility and developed her Mind/Body programs to directly help reduce this and increase pregnancy rates amongst patients.

Her research has proven that women who undergo mind-body programs while trying to conceive double their chances of conception when compared against women who do not take part in mind-body/emotional support programs.

The research continues to demonstrate that mind/body infertility programs not only improve psychological symptoms but also increase pregnancy rates.

Regarding IVF in particular, it is clear that stress takes a toll on a women's ability to persevere through fertility treatments. Research at the Domar centre reveal a more than doubling of IVF success rates. Over a 20 year period their results have been consistent, half the patients get pregnant within 6 months, 55% and about 95% become mums somehow within two years. The women who did not partake in a mind body support program the pregnancy rates for IVF were 20%. This is very reassuring for anyone currently struggling to either conceive whether naturally or through IVF. Nurturing ones mind, stress and anxiety levels and emotional wellbeing can increase the chances of conception.

EFT Tapping has been shown to lower cortisol levels in the body which is the stress hormone and so results in a calming effect on the mind and body which occurs as a result of tapping. Too much cortisol can lead to lowered immune function and directly affect our physical and mental health overall. It also is very effective in clearing negative emotions, past memories and negative thought patterns.

Mind/Body Therapy can benefit both women and men to harness the mind-body link to conception and to significantly reduce the distress and anxiety of infertility.

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