About Jill and her Story 

Jill walks her talk and has over the last 25 years alongside her university days and corporate career in HR, qualified in various energy-based practices including EFT Tapping and Fertility coaching and has undergone her own ongoing self-growth and life change. Through this journey Jill is here to share her wisdom and knowledge with compassion and care to support and empower those who wish to heal, find peace of mind, achieve a positive mindset and emotional state on their fertility journey to getting pregnant. 

Jill has a deep understanding of how our experiences in life can limit us as a result of painful or traumatic experiences and it is through these experiences effective tools like EFT tapping help enormously in releasing painful emotions and traumatic life events so we can be truly free to live beyond pain and suffering and come to a place of acceptance, healing, hope and inner peace. She is naturally intuitive and brings this skill to client sessions.

Jill has a special interest in women’s health and fertility having experienced her own fertility challenges yet is open to and works with clients both women and men on all emotional and health challenges and unfulfilled life goals. 

Jill is professionally trained in Kinesiology, Vibrational healing, Reiki, Shamanic Practice, Executive and life Coaching, Flower Essences and her true passion and love EFT tapping.

Jill is a member of EFT International and adheres to their standard and annual obligations for her advanced EFT practitioner training including ongoing mentoring by one of the world EFT founding masters from London and is also a member of ICCT and Australia's Natural Therapy pages. 


My Story

From a very early age I loved children and being from a big Irish family myself I knew I always wanted to be a mother. Like many women I longed for and looked forward to that day early on in life. Both my own mum and sister had a healthy brood of kids so I just presumed it would be easy for me too. Little did I know that it would be the most challenging of times that brought me to the very depths of deep grief and sadness.

I found EFT tapping before babies were something that were on the agenda and so decided to travel to London to advance my training in 2013 with two of the worldwide EFT Founding Masters. I did sessions here and there for clients as a side passion to my every day HR role in the corporate sector and really enjoyed this area of work as it gets quick and lasting results for people wanting to make changes to their health or lives in general.

Personally, I found the medical professionals I encountered excellent in Australia, compassionate and so dedicated however I struggled to find the kind of emotional support I wanted that would really help me process my grief, clear and heal difficult emotions and look forward with genuine positivity. The ongoing struggle emotionally just wasn’t who I was or how I wanted to live, I wanted to feel optimistic and at peace regardless of where the journey ended.  I looked to outside Australia for that support via Skype with an amazing woman with whom I had trained with myself to learn EFT tapping in London. Tapping did that for me, its hands on and a very effective technique that delivers results. I do believe it was without doubt a contributing factor in me healing in general, stressing a lot less, reducing anxiety, enjoying life a lot more and thankfully getting a positive result – a healthy and happy baby.

Infertility or fertility challenges as I prefer to call it affects everything around us – our relationship with ourselves, our partners, our careers, our happiness, our family, our friendships, our finances, our hopes and dreams in life.

I understand what women (and men) go through on this difficult, upsetting and super challenging journey. I understand the pain and suffering emotionally.

I feel passionate to help, empower and support women and/or men out there to be able to feel calmer, have more hope, significantly reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety, work through painful emotions or experiences, build resilience by being fully supported on their quest to become parents, throughout pregnancy or early parenthood.

EFT Tapping can and will provide this if you are willing to try something maybe new to you to help shift into a different more positive space. 

Please reach out if that is you. I am here to support you!

Please note all sessions with clients and information shared is strictly confidential and your privacy will be honored.