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EFT Tapping and Fertility Coaching

Creating emotional wellbeing on your journey to pregnancy

Request your free relaxation tapping meditation below. Reduce stress & anxiety & find that place of peace on your fertility journey.


Welcome to tapping4fertility

Tapping 4 Fertility is a Sydney EFT tapping therapy & fertility coaching practice and its sole purpose is to help and support women to thrive on their fertility journey to pregnancy. Infertility is one of the most challenging life events any woman will go through. I've done the journey myself so I understand. It is immensely hard.

EFT Tapping is a science proven therapy that helps to reduce stress in the body, relieve anxiety, overcome any challenging emotions that any fertility journey presents and to help women let go of any psychological blocks to conception. 

EFT tapping therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique) & coaching techniques will provide each client the safe space to work on any unresolved or current emotional issues, traumatic experiences, phobias, fears and health issues resulting in increased health and emotional wellbeing, clearing psychological blocks to conception and the opportunity to feel calmer and more positive on their fertility journey to getting pregnant. I offer individual sessions or tailored fertility mind body programs. Sessions are conducted via Skype or Zoom worldwide. 



—  Rebecca, South Sydney 2019

I can thoroughly recommend tapping4fertility with Jill. Jill is so intuitive, she helped me make connections to my fears and anxieties from my past and we tapped them away. I was so delighted with the sessions and felt a great relief from previous trauma around fertility, pregnancy, birth and dealing with an infant.” 

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